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Linksys Login Admin – Username, Password and IP Address


Linksys invents a series of network routers. Several brands are transported with Linux-based firmware & can control third-party firmware. The initial model for supporting third-party firmware is the extremely well-liked Linksys WRT54G series. The series WRT160N/WRT310N is the descendant to the WRT54G series of routers in Linksys.
Linksys app- supported routers provide network management devices which aid you steadily handle access to the wireless network & linked devices from everywhere.

Linksys router username & password

  1. The default Password of router is “admin”, as for the Username, you may keep the field empty. For safety purposes, it is suggested to alter the default password.
    Important tip: Altering the password of the router through the web-based setup webpage might avoid you from utilizing the Linksys Connect software.
  2. Maximum Linksys routers arrive with a default settings of 50 user tools, still you can improve this to a highest of 253 user devices in the router’s administrative setting webpage.
  3. Open Linksys Connect on the PC which was used for setting up the Wi-Fi Router. The Router username as well as Password are seen under the Personalize segment.
  4. Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer. Write “admin” in the Password section then keep the Username empty & press enter.

How to access Linksys router settings?

  1. In a new browser window click on the router’s IP address. is the default router IP address for Linksys.
  2. Write the Network password. The “write network password” window will emerge.
  3. Write in Open DNS address in Static DNS 1 & Static DNS 2 field.
  4. Press on Save Settings key.

Troubleshooting router

The simplest & quickest workaround for most problems concerning to routers is to power cycle the machine. For doing this, switch OFF the router, unplugging the power cord & wait for ten secs prior you plugin it back again.

Changing the Router’s Login details

  1. Write the router’s IP address into your favourite web browser.
  2. Login with the default password & username (both admin, frequently).
  3. Go to settings.
  4. Choose modify Router Password or an alike alternative.
  5. Write the latest password.
  6. Save the latest settings.

Reset the Linksys router to factory settings
For doing this, click & hold the Reset key for ten seconds. NOTE: To reset your router to its default factory settings will even reset the router’s password. The default password of router is “admin” just keep the field blank as for the username. Login admin

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