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Huawei Login Admin – Username, Password and IP Address


Huawei Router Admin Login Procedure

After you login to the Huawei web management webpage, make sure that the PC used for the login is linked to the Huawei router.

  • Step1. In the address box, open a browser, write Click Enter.
  • Suppose does not work & error shows, then just try these:

  • Step2. Input the login name (by default admin) & password (by default admin). Press Login.
  • If the username/password above does not work then try these most accepted combinations which normally work for Huawei Router brands.
Router Username Password
HUAWEI MT880R TMAR#HWMT8007079(none)
HUAWEI MT882 ADSL2+ adminadmin
HUAWEI HG8405 Rev. useruser
  • Step3. Still if you cannot login into the device, then the device requires being RESET. After you RESET, use name as “admin” as well as password as “admin“.
  • Note: Recheck that the router has been configured if you are going to login automatically for the very first time to obtain an IP address or allotted with a fixed IP address. Alter the username & password once the first login to protect against unofficial access.

Setup Guides for Router

  1. The setup & configuration guides for Huawei are the explanation for all the router connected troubles. Simply press on your brand to see and setup manuals for all well-liked Huawei brands.
  2. The exact username as well as password are compulsory to login into the web management webpage. Frequent alterations to the web management webpage username & password can efficiently stop unofficial users from logging in & altering vital factors.
    Altering the Web Management Page Username & Password
  3. Logon into the web management webpage.
  4. Into the navigation tree, select Maintenance > Account.
  5. Write a new username.
  6. Write the current password.
  7. In latest password, write a new password. In password confirm write again the new password.
  8. Press Submit.

If you fail to recall the password, you may restore to default settings by clicking & pressing the Reset key on the back panel of the Huawei router brand for over six secs. The username & password used to login into the web management webpage are now restored to their default settings. Once the Huawei router model gets restored to the default settings, each user modified data will get lost. Implement this act with carefulness. The router is restarted that will initiate temporary network intermissions. Once the router gets restored to default settings, alter the PC IP address so that it is in the similar network section as the default IP address Login admin

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