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Hawking Login Admin – Username, Password and IP Address


To login into some models of hawking (for instance HD45R, HAWNR1, or any other), you require username ID, router IP, & router password. Each info and more, is already provided in Hawking router instructions. Most of routers have admin default username, 1234 as default password, and the default IP address. These IDs are required while you login into the router’s web interface to alter any setting.

Steps if you fail to recall the Hawking router password

  1. Have you altered the username and password of the Hawking router & fail to recall what you altered it to? Don’t bother: Every routers get a default factory fixed password which you can revisit to by adhering the below commands.
  2. Resetting the router into default password. If you choose to return your Hawking router to factory settings, you must do the 30-30-30 resetting as below.
  3. While the router is driven on, click and press the reset key for 30 secs. When continue to hold the reset key pressed, unplugging the power of the router & press the reset key for additional 30 secs
  4. Continue to hold the reset key, again turn on the power and hold for more 30 secs.
  5. The Hawking router must now be reset to brand new factory default, if the factory reset does not work, have a look at the Hawking 30 30 30 factory resetting guidebook.
    Tip: To improve the security of your router after the factory resetting don’t forget to alter the default name & password. All over the web the default passwords are available.

Troubleshooting access to router with the default password

  1. Make certain that you have abided the reset commands properly as the Hawking routers must always return to their factory default settings after reset. Else, there is always the threat that the router is harmed and may require to be replaced or repaired.
  2. Frequently individuals from all around the globe have on & off informed us on login IDs that almost certainly work for them. With calmness, try what utilizes to your model.
  3. Try out below most popular password & username combinations, hawking factory be likely to use, by default.
admin admin
admin (none)
admin password

A basic technique in this situation is to reset the router. Simply search for a small key like below (secreted inside). Click it with a matchstick or needle for ten secs & restart the device. You will be all set. Login admin

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