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Get IP router on OS X (Mac OS)

  • Under are steps needed for retrieving IP address of router on Mac OS?
  • In the screen top left corner & Hit on Apple icon
  • Hit on “System Choices…”in the menu
  • You will observe a windows with System options pop-up
  • Press on icon “Network” in it. To fast search this icon in Search box you may write its name
  • Network windows will pop up.
  • Choose live connection. It is shown with green circle
  • Press on “Advanced…”
  • Choose TCP/IP tab in new Window that will pops up
  • You will find a screen with info that will include entry”Router:” in it. This is the IP address of router
  • Use of terminal app Get router IP address.
  • In menu at the base of the screen press on icon Launchpad
  • In launch pad Write Terminal or find icon “Terminal” in an icon list Launchpad
  • Press on icon “Terminal”
  • In window Terminal write netstatnr.. grep default
  • You will find a line of text appearing. Search for an IP address of the router later word”default“. This is the IP address of your router Login admin

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