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Billion Login Admin – Username, Password and IP Address


On many occasions you require accessing web interface of Billion router device. Let’s say, if you wish to utilize parental controls, state limits of user bandwidth or for changing the settings of the modem, admin panel access is essential.

Login Procedure Billion Step-by-Step

  • Go to Web browser. Write: in the “Address” bar & click Enter button from the keyboard. If does not work & error shows, then please attempt these:
  • After login window shows. Write the username as well as password in the suitable text boxes, & then press OK. The default password & username is “admin“. If the above name/password does not work, then attempt these most accepted combinations which mostly work for Billion Router brands.
Billion BIPAC 5100 admin admin
Billion BIPAC-640 AC Rev. 640AE100(none)(none)
  • If still you can’t login to the device, then the device must be RESET. After you RESET, use name is “admin” also password is “admin“.

Set up Password for Solo & Several Users

  1. To avoid illegal access to the configuration interface of router, it needs all clients to login with a password. You may set up many client accounts, all with their specific password.
  2. You may alter the client’s password, whether their account is valid or active, besides add a comment to all client accounts. Press Edit/Delete key for saving modify. You can’t delete default admin account; if you try you will be log out. But you may delete any other crafted accounts by pressing Delete while revising the user.
  3. You are firmly recommended to alter the password on the default “admin” account while you get your router, and whenever you reset the configuration to Factory Settings.
  4. To generate a new client account, foremost verify the Valid box & then write in the appropriate details for client, Password, Comment, and Confirm Password. Hit the Add key to add the new client account.
  5. Fail to recall your router username /or password. You may restore the router to its factory defaults by pressing the Reset key on the rear of the router for 8 – 10 seconds.

Billion’s ADSL Wireless Router series present multi-user office a speedier connectivity than usual modem & traffic management kinds which allow you simply to cope with your network. The device provides easy & quick access amongst wireless network, wired network & broadband connections in one specific device. Login admin

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