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Arris Login Admin – Username, Password and IP Address


Arris is a US-based broadcasting’s tools manufacturing firm incorporated in Wales & England which offers cable operators with video, data, & telephony systems for businesses & homes.
Your router login of Arris is helpful in performing router configuration & setup, disabling or enabling guest WiFi networks, safeguarding the wireless network, & more.

This manual will illustrate you how to log into the modem or router using the router IP & default password of Arris router.

  1. Get Connected to your Arris network
    Connecting to your wired or wireless network with your phone or PC.
  2. Go to the web browser & visit the router’s IP
    Write or copy paste the following in the browser:
    This is the IP address of Arris router which is used for connecting to the admin panel.
    If this address does not work, try one of these alternative Arris IPs, in line:
  3. Write the default password of router
    If this does not work, somebody might have modified the login IDs. If this is the situation, you just have to reset the router to factory defaults.
  4. Cannot connect?
    If you cannot connect to the Arris router, write in the below comments section and we will try to help you out.
    If you want to alter or change settings of the Arris router device, or if you wish to configure any new wireless LAN settings, first you should log into the admin router panel.Access the Arris Configuration Interface

To access the Arris configuration interface follow the steps below.

In the web browser, go to the webpage for accessing the wireless router setup. The Login screen appears.
If does not work & error shows, then just try these:
Admin” is the default username &”password“, is the default password in lower case letters. Write the username & password & press on the apply key to login. The Basic Setup System screen appears.

Note: You should set up the PC & other user devices working with the security setting on Router. Check the documents for the user device for directions on security setting.
If the over name/password does not work then try these most accepted patterns which mostly work for Router brands.

admin admin
admin (none)
admin password

If you can’t access the wireless LAN, first you should determine a wired Ethernet connection among the PC & the Router. Login admin

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