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Alcatel-Lucent Login Admin – Username, Password and IP Address


To get access to all routers of Alcatel-Lucent, you should know the IP of your router, the name & router password. You will see these details in Alcatel-Lucent router booklets. But if you don’t have the guidebook for the router or you do not wish reading the complete handbook to know the default login details then you may use the brief guide below.

Login Guide Alcatel-Lucent Router

  1. Open the internet browser (for example Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, or Firefox)
  2. Write the most familiar IP for Alcatel-Lucent router in address bar of web browser for accessing web-based user interface of the router.
  3. Now you will see two text fields where you have to write the username & password. Admin is the default name for the Alcatel-Lucent router & admin is the default password.
  4. Write the name & password, click “Enter” & now you must view the control board of the router.

In the below list you will find the most current default password & username patterns used by Alcatel-Lucent. At times the password & username doesn’t work which is stated in the guide. So you may try these name/password patterns for accessing to the wireless router.

admin conf

Now and then you want the routers web interface IP address for modifying the security settings. Many individuals are not aware of their router IP address. Many times you’ll see the IP on the back or bottom of the router device. Still if you don’t see this IP on the router or in the user guidebook then you should find some ways to get the router. The majority of Alcatel-Lucent routers use the same default names as well as passwords. Simply verify the list of Default Alcatel-Lucent password for trying with that one.

All you should do is to reset the modem. This may perhaps be effortlessly done by clicking on the reset key at the bottom or at the back of your router. If you press this small key for about 20 secs, (you can use a pin), now the modem gets restored to factory settings. Simply don’t forget that after you reset the modem, you might lose the online connection. As a result it is better to take a professional’s help in this regard. If you don’t have abundant information, it is definitely advised that you need to take assistance from an individual who has all the information on this topic. Login admin

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