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AirLive Login Admin – Username, Password and IP Address


How to boost AirLive WL-1500R Wifi & disable connectivity problems:

  • In an ideal spot place the AirLive WL-1500R
    Ensure that you place the AirLive WL-1500R Wifi at a perfect spot for availing the best signal & network connectivity. Make certain to keep your AirLive WL-1500R router noticeably & not behind the curtains or facing the wall.
  • Look for a Good Wireless Channel rather than Auto on the AirLive WL-1500R router. Once in a while Auto channels may fail you; Think that you’re cleverer than the AirLive router! Locate a perfect wireless channel rather than what the router locates automatically. This would make sure that your signal doesn’t interfere with that of your neighbours. If you run a Windows-based computer, you will also view what neighbouring channels Wi-Fi networks use.
  • -Click on Start > write “cmd”. Open Command prompt
  • -Now write netsh wlan show all You will find a list of all wireless channels & networks being used in the neighborhood. Rather than using “Auto” for the control channel, choose the channel which has the lowermost interference
  • Verify the AirLive WL-1500R frequency
    Verify If AirLive WL-1500R has double -band, the more usually used band is 2.4GHz; but, changing to 5GHz would show up better outcomes. Although it depends on your gadget.
  • Hardwired media streamers/gaming consoles in the WL-1500R rather than wifi.
    Media streamers/gaming consoles work better after connecting via Ethernet cable of AirLive WL-1500R. Actually, as you may not be moving your television all over the home, why connecting it to the Wi-Fi of any kind? The video streaming devices/gaming consoles overflow the network with data. This signifies that preferably, you must think through hardwire (by means of Ethernet cable) the devices which try to consume loads of bandwidth. Even though this may fairly defeat the point of including wireless network, still it may really help your with in general network speed of WL-1500R if you may hardwire the bandwidth controls.
  • Rebooting AirLive WL-1500R on a program
    On schedule, people, reboot the AirLive WL-1500R router. Although routers are constructed to continuously be running always, straightforward modify like usual power cycling (a fancy approach of stating unplug the power cord & pushing it back up) facilitates with most problems. Reboot your WL-1500R may correct Internet connection setbacks, better slow moving connections & solve wireless problems largely. Try to unplug the modem on a periodical basis to remain proactive (On no occasion reset, every time reboot modem) Login admin

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