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by is a unique IP reserved to access the admin panel of routers. This & various IPs for instance,,, etc are generally accepted global standards in router IPs. This kind of IPs are even called as “Default Gateway IP“

Login Steps

Below you will discover all lookup results for personal IP address If you are want to discover ways to login to your modem, router, or wireless access point, this manual offers you with the over-all steps to simply sign in to the Router with IP address

  • Just turn on the router, on the PC open web browser.
  • You may make use of several web browsers such as Chrome, Internet explorer, Firefox, Edge, or safari for accessing the admin panel.
  • In the address bar write and push the enter button. Otherwise, you may even use https:// or http: prior the IP address when writing in the text field of URL.
  • A latest window gets launched demanding you to input the password & username.
  • Write carefully the details as the password is case sensitive.
  • Now, you will be redirected to the admin panel wherein you may try different settings & configurations of your gadget.

If you can’t login or Access

In few instances, you might write your router IP address properly & still, you won’t gain access to the webpage of your router. Actually what this denotes is that your router utilises a separate IP address. If you know what this is, see the below steps to get access to your router’s IP without difficulty. As soon as you detect it, online scan for it for getting your default login particulars.

  • First of all, by exploring “run” in the inquiry bar of windows go to the menu “run” or by clicking on the Windows + R keys at the same time.
  • Once the run window gets opens, in the textbox enter CMD & hit it off on the enter button to go to the command prompt.
  • The minute the command prompt turns on, in it, write or copy & paste command “ipconfig/all” & now click enter.
  • The minute you click enter several IP tends to will appear in the prompt window. You ought to hunt for & detect the one that is selected as the default gateway IP, this could be your routers IP address.
  • Last of all, key that IP to scan for the login webpage in the browser’s location bar.

Stages to reset a router:

Caution: Reset of the router will remove all the previously saved details & settings. It turns your router to a factory-made router.

  • Switching off the router
  • Click-&-press the reset key for 10-15 secs by use of a sharp object such as a nettle and then switch on the router. Just push the reset key till the router is switched on till 10-15 secs
  • Let the router reboot after releasing the button
  • Now using a Wi-Fi connection connect to the router & or to the network cable & log in making use of default credentials


For recovering the password of the wireless router follow the steps below.

  • Hit on the setup key at the top & go to wireless settings on the left side
  • Press on the wireless network setup booklet
  • Scroll down the webpage to security mode “wireless
  • This is the segment where you denote the wireless password.
  • Your password may be may be all dots or it will be visible.

You will have to re-enter a new password if all dots. While identifying a new password, make certain to click on save settings at the top of the webpage after done.

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