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As a part of the personal system network The IP address is procured with Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) IP addresses in the personal space are not precisely allotted to a specific link.

Hence, anybody can use such IP addresses without the approval of a local Internet office as told in RFC 1918, contrasting to public IP addresses. This address may be used by modems, routers, & many other gadgets.

Way login or Access

To login to your Router with an IP address follow these easy steps.

1. To your PC Connect the router cable. (You may even utilize a wireless network). Recheck the gadget that you want to work on is linked to the Wi-Fi.
Important Tip – It’s a great idea using a wired link when making any amendments. This eludes the threat of abruptly being logged off if you hit on the Save key.

2. Go to your selected web browser & write the router’s IP address in address bar. You will locate it on the reverse of the router packing. If the address is failed, you’ll have to take your router guidebook. The listed IP as Default Gateway is the right one.

3. It’s time for entering the default username as well as password of the router by entering the admin panel. You might try to login IDs set below. For admin the default values are:

root | user | admin

4. Type the router’s name in your browser for locating the default login username & password you require, if none of the above works. You must be guided to the models’ configuration webpage wherever the network & the router settings may be succeeded.

If You Can’t Access or login

If you face challenges accessing the router at (taking time to load or not loading completely), your network may be using additional address for example,, 192.168.10. 126. So, recheck the router IP address list.

To fix the IP issue the following are steps & guides to follow

Resetting the Router

Keep the router ON. On the rear of the router a reset key is there. Use a needle and hold the key for nearly 25 to 30 secs. Unplugging all and again plugging it for the router to emerge.

Look for the suitable IP address.

  • Visit the Start key then choose Prompt Command.
  • Insert “ipconfig” & on command prompt click the Enter.
  • Your IP address is seen in the section Default Gateway.

Verify for Network test

  • Visit the Start key then choose Command Prompt.
  • Write “ping with the router IP address” & on command prompt click on the Enter.
  • Now you get a response from the router which helps you to gain access.

Fail to recall IP address username as well as password? Below is how to retrieve it:

Each time you acquire a new mode or router, you receive the default IDs that are published on the box or are revealed in the handbook. You may even phone the ISP (Internet Service Provider) for recovering the default IDs.

  • Step 1: So, if you haven’t modified the default usernames or password, you may use the table below for finding out the router details.
  • Step 2: if you already have altered the default username or password, then you have to reset the router also you may once again use the default credentials.

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